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The Original Sprayed Limestone System

At last the original and authentic sprayed limestone company has made its way here to the United States. Our product is the original, one of a kind interior and exterior limestone based wall coating system. The company started in the year 1999 in France and is now represented in three countries (France, Spain, and the United States). Our time proven superior liquid limestone is adaptable for every project and customer. PROCAL Stone Design is the ideal solution for interior and exterior stone application on both commercial and residential projects. It is fully customizable with your vision and our "Master Artisans' " expertise, which will give you the beauty and craftsmanship you desire. A design team is also available to provide inspiration, ideas, and suggestion for every project.

Old world Craftmanship, new World Technology

ProCal Stone Design is a company specializing in the art of hydraulically sprayed and troweled limestone that can be applied almost anywhere vertically to include both interiors and exteriors. We are the inventor, producer, and installer of our proprietary and revolutionary product.

Our company's origin began in 1999 in France, with our products creator and companies founder. Through hard work, strong ethics, an honest and dedicated team, and this amazing product "ProCal Stone Design" is growing around the world. Our unique "Old World" heritage gives us an artisan and customer driven approach, which is difficult to find in our current day and age. 

The desire and demand for stone is everywhere and growing. "ProCal Stone Design" uses old world craftmanship with a twist of new world technology to make natural limestone more easily available and economical to the general public. No longer are you forced to keep the outdated appearance of your home, businesses, or fireplaces. In days, not weeks "ProCal Stone Design" can transform the old or ordinary to the beautiful and elegant!


ProCal Stone Design is a revolution in the stone industry and has been changing the way stone is applied all over the world for many years. It is an amazing break through formula that is based on a special limestone imported straight from France. The formula is then applied using "Old World" European plaster techniques with a trowel, in combination with more modern spray technology.  

This special limestone mixed with our proprietary ingredients create our time tested and proven superior limestone coating, which will not crack and break loose in cold/freezing temperatures like our imitators' product. The versatility of PROCAL Stone Design's product combined with the specialty expertise of our "Master Artisan's" allow you to choose your own colors and patterns, or form a unique combination of your own.

Prefered patterns include but not limited to: Flagstone, Limestone, Brick, Slate, Lueder, Cast for doorways, windows and architectural accents, Rubble, River Rock, and Tuscan to name a few.

High alkaline content of the special limestone

Key Product Characteristics:


Fully customizable shape, size, and color

Continues to harden for up to two years

Eco Friendly

Great for exterior use


Superior resistance to cold / freezing weather

Breathes like natural stone because it is



Beautiful and adds value

Has flexibility due to our secret formula


Wicks moisture

Color does not fade in the sunlight/UV

Giving it superior resistance

Weather resistance

Ideal for interior use

Roughly 5 lbs per SF and can even be applied to ceiling

Fast and clean



Limited lifetime with a certificate

Does not slake and flake away like imitators' products

Investment value

Resists mold

95% of our natural limestone is coming from the ground

Residential Applications

Beauty that adds value

Our product provides a novel and unique decorative limestone wall coating system to almost any surface, that is handcrafted on location. It has the expensive look, strength and natural beauty of cut stone and once cured, is real stone.

The transformation is amazing. We invite you to explore our photo gallery, which is constantly being updated with our latest projects. There is no job too big or too small, whether you want your fireplace done or your entire house.

Our product is blown or troweled onto almost any surface, rather than painstakingly mortared or embedded in concrete. It is not man-made like other veneers. It consists of entirely natural materials and is eco friendly.

Enhance or completely change your home by adding the warmth, durabiltity and harmony of natural stones. The flexibility of our product allows you to design a unique finish with options from our 12 natural pigment colors and 8 different patterns.


Possibilities are endless:

Pilars, columns, stair cases, bathrooms, door & window treatments, kitchens, fireplaces, wine cellars, hallways, & ceilings. 


Contact us today and let us know how we can help with your project.

Design that adds interest and appeal

Commercial Applications

In days not months we can change/update the look of your restaurant, office, or shopping center. Since we always apply our product directly on the old surface, the cost of installation is considerably less than cut stone.

ProCal Stone is light weight, and only 25% of the weight of cut stone. No need to reinforce your foundation or increase the size of your footer to have this product installed.

ProCal Stone has a vast application in the commercial market providing customers natural limestone where they never thought possible. It also offers an alternative to expensive cut stone, cement, or stucco.

Martine T. Dallas, Texas


Alfredo and his team redid my fireplace and it is absolutely beautiful. It only took two days and now my house is the envy of the neighborhood.

I used Procal stone on my fireplace. It looks exactly like I expected. The process was fast and there was no mess in my house.

I was dubious about using this product on my patio walls. I cannot be any happier about the result. My friends and family cannot believe it was sprayed directly onto my bricks.

Marie B. Arlington Texas

Megan K. Plano, Texas

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